Vorotek O Scope for Audiology

Fully Integrated Converged Binoculars and LED Illumination

Designed and developed by Australian ENT Surgeon Dr. John Vorrath, the Vorotek O Scope is the successor to the original Voroscope and LumiView, but incorporates brilliant LED illumination.

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The Vorotek O Scope optics are a converged binocular system with 3 diopter magnification, which allows the use of both eyes to look down into the narrow cavity. The converged optics is essential to achieve the necessary depth perception in narrow cavities, which is also a feature of operating microscopes.

The original concepts remain unchanged:

  • Head worn (hands free), lightweight and portable
  • Outstanding reliability, durability & comfort
  • Dual function – upward rotation of the optic system allows uninterrupted headlight function
  • Converged Binocular Optics

    The Vorotek O Scope provides converged binocular vision and 3 diopter magnification. This is essential to achieve binocular vision and depth perception in narrow cavities. e.g. Ear, nose, throat. Converged optical pathways are also a feature of operating microscopes. (Refer figure below).

    LED Illumination (Coaxial)

    The location of the brilliant LED illumination (approx 55,000 lux) is as close to the visual pathway as possible, allowing shadow free illumination of the field of view.

    Fully Integrated Design

    The fully integrated design ensures that the converged binoculars and illumination stay precisely aligned.

    Dual Function

    The Integrated Converged Binoculars can easily be rotated in and out of use. Upward rotation of the Converged Binoculars allows uninterrupted vision, with or without headlight illumination.

    Portable or Direct Mains Power Supply

    The Battery Pack (Lithium ion), either belt or pocket worn, provides 10 hours of “on time”. The Charger/Direct Mains Power Supply can be used to provide continuous “on time”.

    Design Features

    Head worn, light weight and hands free emphasizing simplicity, durability and comfort.

    O Scope Models

    • The SpecFrame model is customized to the individual’s IPD (interpupillary distance). After initial set up, no ongoing adjustments/realignment is needed. Prescription lenses can be fitted.
    • The HeadBand model is fully adjustable and ideal for shared use. It can be used over prescription glasses.
    • The Vorotek O Scope Kit includes all components required by clinicians for wax management and ear drum assessment.


    • Speculums

      Autoclavable plastic. (Five sizes available: XS, S,M, L, XL).
    • Speculum Dispenser

      For bulk orders and use in busy clinics.
    • Curettes (see below)

      Operating room quality. (Sizes available: 2.0mm,2.5mm, 3.0 mm, 3.5mm, 4.0mm, 4.5mm)
    • 90 Degree Hooks

      For ear and nose use – operating room quality. (Sizes available: Small and Large)
    • Cotton Wool Carriers

      Operating room quality.
    • Teaching Mirror

      Allows visualization by others while in use


    CurettesCurettes close-up

    O Scope Kit

    O Scope Kit
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