Vitruvian™ Ultimate Aspirator B89025


Black & Black Surgical's Vitruvian Ultimate Aspirator Inservice Video from Black & Black Surgical.

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VITRUVIAN™ Ultimate Aspirator B89025

The Black & Black Vitruvian™ Ultimate aspirator is one of the most powerful, quiet and versatile liposuction aspirators on the market. Powered by two oil-less, rocking piston vacuum pumps, this machine provides excellent suction power along with quiet operation. Its dual voltage motor can be used with 120V/230V electrical service.

Our Ultimate aspirator is carefully designed for optimal performance, with an upright stance and shopping-cart style handle for ease of mobility. Bright LED vacuum gauges are easy to read. The collection canisters are mounted for ease of viewing during surgery. The single knob control can be adjusted 0 to 29.5 in of Hg vacuum.

While the Vitruvian Ultimate aspirator can be used with all brands of collection canisters, for best performance use Black & Black liposuction canisters (B89140).

  • Large 3” hospital grade wheels
  • Dual pneumatic foot-switches
  • Dual voltage motors 120V/230V
  • Bright, easy to read vacuum gauges
  • Dual motors for optimal performance
  • Quiet operation (50 dB)
  • Easy to see collection canisters
  • Extendable pole to hold fluid bags

Aspirator Filters

  • B89104 Aspirator Filter, 0.3 Micron Filter (for Aspirator B89025)

Canisters & Liners

Vitruvian™ Disposable Canisters

B89140 Vitruvian™ Liposuction Canisters, Single Use, Non-Sterile, 2000CC, 12/Case

Hospira (Abbott) Reusable Canisters

  • B89124 Hospira (Abbott) Reusable Canister, 2000ml
  • B89125 Hospira (Abbott) Disposable Liners, 2000ml, 10/Box
  • B89127 Hospira (Abbott) Disposable Liners With Overflow Protection, 2000ml, 10/Box
  • B89129 Stainless Steel Replacement "T" for Abbott Canisters

Baxter "Red Top" Canisters

  • B89130 Baxter Reusable Canister, "Red Top" 1,500ml
  • B89135 Baxter Disposable Liners, 1,500ml, 10/Box

Black & Black Reusable Canister Kits for Fat Collection / Fat Transfer

Kits Include: Canister, Lid, Transfer Tube With C-Clamp And Toomey Connector, SS Large Bore Tapered Fitting, & Stand

Fat Collection Canister Kits
  • B89110 1000cc Reusable Canister Kit
  • B89116 2000cc Reusable Canister Kit for at Transfer
  • B89117 3000cc Reusable Canister Kit
  • Reusable Canisters (Only)
  • B89160 1000cc**
  • B89161 2000cc**
  • B89162 3000cc**


B89200 High Flow Aspiration Tubing, 10' - 10/Box

B89200 High Flow Aspiration Tubing, 10
  • SoftTouch formulation provides excellent drapeability
  • 10' length
  • 10 per box
  • B89220 Filter Connecting Tube, 30" (For div. into 2 pieces), 10/Box
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