Vitruvian™ Lipoplasty Line

Vitruvian(TM) Lipoplasty instruments

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Tumescent Infiltration Needle

Infiltration needle with 12 spiral holes.

  • B8TI-1215-LL 12ga x 15cm Luer Lock
  • B8TI-1220-LL 12ga x 20cm Luer Lock
  • B8TI-1226-LL 12ga x 26cm Luer Lock
  • B8TI-1232-LL 12ga x 32cm Luer Lock
  • B8TI-1236-LL 12ga x 36cm Luer Lock
  • B8TI-1415-LL 14ga x 15cm Luer Lock
  • B8TI-1420-LL 14ga x 20cm Luer Lock
  • B8TI-1426-LL 14ga x 26cm Luer Lock
  • B8TI-1432-LL 14ga x 32cm Luer Lock
  • B8TI-1436-LL 14ga x 36cm Luer Lock
  • B8TI-1615-LL 16ga x 15cm Luer Lock
  • B8TI-1620-LL 16ga x 20cm Luer Lock
  • B8TI-1626-LL 16ga x 26cm Luer Lock
  • B8TI-1632-LL 16ga x 32cm Luer Lock

Facial Tumescent Needle

Flat tip needle with 3 holes.

  • B8FAN-1235-LL 12ga x 35cm Luer Lock **
  • B8FAN-1415-LL 14ga x 15cm Luer Lock
  • B8FAN-1615-LL 16ga x 15cm Luer Lock

** Produced on demand.