LumiView™ Cool Light Fiber Optic Retractor System

The LumiView™ Fiber Optic Retractor System converts traditionally hot Xenon, Halogen light into cool, directional, uniform illumination.

LumiView™ combines high intensity molded lighting technology with superior directional light output. The LumiView™ retractor incorporates a unique quick-change blade design allowing for multiple blades to be used with one light guide handle. The single-use light panels deliver uniform, cool lighting, even into the most difficult areas.

  • Ergonomic handle for a comfortable and firm grip
  • Interchangeable blade design
  • Angled atraumatic tip for optimal retraction
  • Full blade illumination for optimal surgical viewing. The blade never gets hot
  • Light panel delivers cool, directional, uniform illumination
  • A variety of blades and light panels, used with one retractor handle, provides economy and diversity for a wide range of procedures.
Lumiview™ Retractor Handle with Light Guide
B 61105
Mini Lumiview™ Blades
B 611101/2”(12.5mm) x 4”(10cm) 
B 611113/4”(20mm) x 4”(10cm) 
B 611121”(24mm) x 4”(10cm) 
Mini Lumiview™ Blades with Suction
B 61111S3/4”(20mm) x 4”(10cm)w/suction
B 61112S1”(24mm) x 4”(10cm)w/suction
Midi Lumiview™ Blades
B 611151/2”(12.5mm) x 5 3/8”(13.5cm) 
B 611163/4”(20mm) x 5 3/8”(13.5cm) 
B 611201”(24mm) x 5 3/8”(13.5cm) 
B 611211 1/4”(30mm) x 5 3/8”(13.5cm) 
B 611253/4”(20mm) x 7”(17.5cm) 
B 611261 1/4”(30mm) x 7”(17.5cm) 
Midi Lumiview™ Blades with Suction
B 61116S3/4”(20mm) x 5 3/8”(13.5cm)w/suction
B 61120S1”(24mm) x 5 3/8”(13.5cm)w/suction
B 61121S1 1/4”(30mm) x 5 3/8”(13.5cm)w/suction
B 61125S3/4”(20mm) x 7”(17.5cm)w/suction
B 61126S1 1/4”(30mm) x 7”(17.5cm)w/suction
“Mini” Light Panel
B 61100 5/box, Sterile
“Midi” Light Panel
B 61101 5/box, Sterile
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