"Red Head" I Fat Harvesting System

The Red Head Collection Canister System works with all aspirators. With its large capacity, most procedures can complete harvesting in one cycle. The canister is made of a high-strength polycarbonate plastic and will not crack or leak.

The unique, innovative design automatically separates fluids from fat in a closed system, allowing the fat to be harvested in a clean, easy and efficient way.

Red Head I

Single-Use, Non-Sterile Fat Collection System

  • Closed system
  • Ready to autoclave
  • Large 3000cc canister (2500cc usable volume)
  • Easy to use
  • B89400 Starter Set includes all disposables needed for one case:
     Tubing Set
     6” Transfer Tubing
     60cc Toomey Syringe

B89405 Stainless steel Autoclavable Stand (sold separately)

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